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Phone mockup with user page and social networks Less settings, more content

Say Hello to Konect

A few months ago, we released the first version of Params to help competitive players share their settings and gear with their community. Many of you told us you found your Params profile very professional-looking, and would love to share more content on it.

We are very excited to announce that it is now possible! Params becomes Konect, your "link-in-bio" website. Build your own professionnal page in minutes, and share all of your gaming content in one link. We reduced the available settings to focus on the main ones, and introduced a lot of new features to help you connect your community to all of your content across platforms.


Links to anything

Add links to everywhere to connect your community with all your content, merch, sponsors, donation, affiliate links and more. Choose from different layouts to fit with your content.

List of link cards and thumbnails available on Konect


Embed Twitch and YouTube

Embed Twitch stream straight onto your page to bring more people on your live. Display videos and clips from Twitch and YouTube easily by just pasting a URL.

Twitch stream embed

Social networks

Share all your socials in one place to grow your community and increase your reach across platforms.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Tiktok, Discord and more socials networks


Share your in-game settings of your favorite games with dedicated templates.

List of esports video games

Gaming Setup

Promote the gear, hardware you use to carry your games from our database or create your own, and add affiliate links to allow your community to support you.

Gaming setup with monitor, headset, mouse, mousepad, keyboard, chair, microphone, stream deck


Get insights about which content is performing with your fans to value it with brands and sponsors.

Analytics statistics with page views, clicks number and page views chart

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